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5 Reasons to Publish with Apress

Posted on Sunday, 16 March 2014 21:47

As a long time customer of Apress and now a first time author, I really can't recommend them highly enough as a publisher. Here are 5 reasons they made this a largely pleasurable experience and why if you're considering publishing a book, you should consider them first. 

1. Support

From day 1, Apress were really supportive. I was writing my first book, a little scared, worried whether I was doing the right thing or not in my writing style.

My Coordinating editors (your main go-between) were excellent, helping out with technical issues with the Word template and constantly giving positive reinforcement of my decisions and writing style. Coordinating Editors work incredibly hard to ensure the author is happy and has everything they need, they're not just there to keep the project on track, although that is one of their key jobs.

I also had a wonderful Directing Editor, with whom I could Skype chat about changes of direction and areas of uncertainty.

2. SharePoint

Apress use SharePoint for organising the mountain of files associated with producing a book. Why is this good? Well, firstly because I love SharePoint but secondly, it makes managing the different versions of each chapter a cinch, you can go back through any chapter and see how it's evolved. Thirdly, you will have access to your original work even if your computer blows up, so that's one less thing to worry about.

3. Consistency

One of the things I loved the idea of was publishing a book in the Apress format. I've been buying Apress books for years and the thought of having a book with that famous the black and yellow cover on it was really exciting. 

You can publish your own book yes, but the production quality and consistency you get with the Apress template makes for a really professional looking outcome.

4. Speed

Apress work really quickly, they will pair you with a technical reviewer who will support you with constructive feedback, and your Coordinating Editor will make sure everything gets turned around in a timely fashion. I couldn't believe that within a week of getting the nod that the final chapter had been aproved, the book was published and being posted out across the world.

5. Distribution

Finally, Apress are part of Springer Publishing, and as such they are incredible at getting your published work on shelves around the world. Not only that but they will also get it onto iBooks, Kindle, and a number of other eBook distribution sites. It's incredible the amount of work they put in on your behalf. 


  • iOS Developer wannabee, posted by charles

    Dear Reader,

    If you are considering buying this book to learn to use Xcode, don't hesitate! I am a guy who does everything I do 100% so when I started learning to write iOS apps I really did the research. Sure, the Big Nerd Ranch books are excellent as are Stephen Kochan's books. But, honestly, Matthews book exceeds their standard and is NOT to be missed!! Buy it now and you WILL learn Xcode!! PS Matthew I am looking forward to your VIDS! start a youtube channel and teach free there, and sell your books = recipe for success.

  • Thanks!, posted by Matt


    Thank you for your kind comments, I really do appreciate them. The reason I wrote the book was that I really love the idea of being able to encourage people to write apps.

    I'm really glad you've found enjoyment in the book and my approach, I will get round to producing videos and tutorials, I have one of the latter almost ready to go.

    If you could give me your support on as well that would be a fantastic help. Thanks for taking the time to write both comments I really do appreciate them.

    Best wishes and happy coding!

  • Posted by charles

    Cooments added to Amazon Matthew.

    Please keep me updated on your work, and if fact, regard me as a friend. As much as we can be "friends" via the net, I would like to develope a friendship with you. You can freely email me at .

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