Matthew Knott

A collection of random thoughts, useful technical tidbits, wonder at the world we live in, and general dismay about the same.

About Matthew Knott

I often feel like the luckiest guy in the world, I have a great family, plus my hobby and my passion is also my job! If that's not a dream come true I don't know what is.

By day I lead a team developing a learning platform amongst other things, trying to make a difference for the people of Swansea. By night I am an author, technical reviewer and iOS developer.


I'm very far from sage-like but if I have one thing to say, it is this; Don't ever feel like you're defined by what the education system and those around you tell you. I feel that I'm proof that you don't need degrees or doctorates to become a good programmer. To paraphrase Woody Allen, 'Those who can, do'.

I went to Amman Valley Comprehensive School, and got a Distinction in Leisure & Tourism of all things, the course didn't really have an impact on my career but my teachers made such a difference in my life, so if you get a good teacher, cherish them and listen to them.


I have a wonderful young family, they're everything to me and the inspiration for everything I do. I have a Son who's quick witted and handsome, a daughter who makes me laugh every day and a wife I adore. No matter how bad a day goes, they're my happy place.

Writing Books

I've just finished my first book titled "Beginning Xcode", published by Apress.

The book takes the reader into every nook and cranny of Xcode 5, covering a broad range of topics in detail while helping you to become a kick-ass iOS developer.

I think this is the most proud I've ever been of something non-organic, and the main reason for the pride is the determination it took to stick at it for 4 months of evenings and weekends while family life happened around me.

Writing for Pleasure

Despite the infrquent blog posts, I really do love to write. For as long as I can remember I've loved writing fiction, and usually about something whacky that I tend to dismiss ultimately. I'm currently going through a rewrite of the first part in a series of novels about a post-apocalyptic wasteland and the horrors so-called civilized men do to one another.


Most of my code is CSharp, and I've built over 100 webarts, deployed over 100 bi-lingual schools sites. I try and facilitate collaboration across schools in the county with different tools I cook up. I'm really proud of what we've created and the future is looking so exciting.

iOS App Development

Much of my development i do for myself, like the iCloud synced reward chart for the kids (theres no escaping synchronised parenting). I'm currently writing on a running app with a twist that I'm hoping will help me get fit, and raise money for charity, with 50% of profits going to Centrepoint UK, a charity for homeless young people.

Technical Reviewing

By night I do Technical Reviewing of iOS books for a large publisher. It's a chance to make better books and learn at the same time. The first time I saw my face in the pages of a published book I felt a real pride, so I keep doing it and each time get a little prouder. I'm currently on my fourth and most comprehensive book.

Everything else

Musically, I'm generally a contradiction. I've never been one for pop, leaning more towards alternative artists such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Rage Against the Machine, Sonic Youth, and anything with Mike Pattons wonderful touch over it. I say contradiction because despite the rebellious, free thinking and outspoken nature of those artists, I've never rebelled, I've always been blanketted by this overwhelming need to fit in and conform with what people want to see. Things are changing though, and bit by bit I'm finding pride in some of my likes (and dislikes).

Contact Me

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